10 Best Virtual Assistants You Have to See This Year

From people who work to grandparents and children who always ask Siri random questions all the time, things seem a little more manageable now. With the help of virtual assistants, you can search for your queries in search engines, schedule a meeting, take a note, or whatever you choose. So sit back and relax or ask your virtual assistant to read our list of the 10 best virtual assistants you have to see this year. Synonymous with any other virtual assistant, Siri is still one of the best virtual assistants you could ask for. This intelligent assistant works on all common Apple devices and has been updated several times, improving and adding more to what it can already do.

With Siri, you can write texts, search for your queries in search engines, make a contact, check the weather, and read the headlines of some newspapers (many newspapers now have audio reports, such as The Washington Post).When it comes to Android, the king of virtual assistants is one of our personal favorites: the Google Assistant. Just like Siri is for Apple, Google Assistant works with voice commands on Android. Most Android phones come with a shortcut that can take the user directly to the virtual assistant. The Wizard also supports text commands.

You can activate the Assistant and then decide if you want to continue with the voice command or type instead. In addition, you can also control your smart home devices with the assistant. Presented by none other than the tech giant Microsoft, Cortana is another great option for a virtual assistant. This ambitious virtual assistant has been around for quite some time and has acquired numerous functions along the way. It helps you stay organized by managing your calendar and taking notes, setting reminders and alarms, and including many other features you'll find in virtual assistants.

The best part about this virtual assistant is that it learns and can adapt a number of functions. Samsung's assistant, Bixby, is a multilingual virtual assistant initially released for Samsung devices but has since extended its support to a couple more devices. The virtual assistant has improved a lot since its launch and has a good response time, responding to commands much more efficiently. Bixby works on all Samsung devices (fridge, TV, etc.) and tries to learn everything possible about you. It will take notes of your preferences and show you things accordingly. DataBot is a unique version of virtual assistants that helps you stay well informed about everything.

This virtual assistant gained popularity in the Android community and later extended its support to other devices as well. The best thing about DataBot is its ability to create presentations from scratch; all you have to do is give it voice commands and it will search for images and texts and prepare the slides for you (how cool?). This virtual assistant is available in several languages and can also send text messages and emails. Microsoft's Cortana is an AI-powered virtual assistant available on Windows 10, Windows Mobile, the Invoke smart speaker, Microsoft Band, Android, iOS, Windows Mixed Reality, Amazon Alexa and Xbox One. Voice assistants are an integral part of many products we use every day. Amazon's Alexa is another major AI-powered virtual assistant that has gained popularity over the years.

The best part of Alexa is that you don't have to talk like you normally would with a virtual assistant; you can talk naturally and get things done without breaking a sweat. RoboBot Studio's AI-based virtual assistant DataBot is available on Windows 10, Android, iOS, Xbox One, iPad, iPod, Android tablets, and Windows phones. DataBot is an AI-powered virtual assistant that is available on many platforms such as Windows 10, iOS, Android, iPad and more. A virtual assistant uses advanced AI, robotic process automation (RPA), natural language processing (NLP), etc.

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