How to Bill Clients as a Virtual Assistant

When it comes to billing clients as a virtual assistant, hourly pricing is the most common option. This involves setting an hourly rate for your services, tracking your time, and invoicing your client once the work is completed. To determine the best rate for you, it's important to consider the variance in your services and talk to other experienced virtual assistants. Amy Northard is a great resource if you need help understanding the tax requirements of being a virtual assistant.

Additionally, The Support Squad is a weekly podcast and community of members that provides support to virtual assistants at all stages of business creation. When it comes to pricing options, I agree that the option of usable hours is not very practical for virtual assistants. It's best to calculate backwards what you need to earn if you plan for your virtual assistant business to be your main source of income. As a side note, I've noticed that the cobalt virtual services listed at the bottom of the list aren't working (the site is probably down and I hope it'll be fixed by the time you read this note).

Although I watched the video of the premium package several times on the virtual site for experts, I wasn't sure what to do.

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